Weak Mall Security? Hire Naruto Ninjas

The past few days, the whole archipelago, Philippines, especially the Filipino netizens were abuzz about the two separate incidents of Shooting at the Malls (SM). The first one happened at mall in Quezon City that claimed two lives and they’re both security guards against a scorned wife. Another one distressed most the people of Pampanga when two minors died or brain dead when the 13 year old boy shot his alleged 16 year old lover in the midst of busy public at the same trademark mall in the said province.

Looking for who were to really blame, authorities and concerned filipinos pointed to the security system imposed by the malls letting some deadly weapons easily go through their “wands”. Or their security guards seem not trained enough to avoid such bloody mishap.

Naruto Theme Security Guards at Landmark in Makati

So anyway, last night, while venturing our way home from work, a certain mall in Makati has an ironic way of response to the beefing up the security for the entering patrons. Well, ninjas might be answer to those security loopholes, yeah? 😛

A mall in Makati donned their security guards with Naruto theme costumes

The funny irony of hiring ninjas as security guard at some malls.

At least these security guards can brighten up your day and maybe woo any bad intention you keep there.

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