Amazing Touchscreen Printer Concept By Artefact Group

Revolutionizing the technology of touch screens after it became widespread for smartphone and private/personal computing usage is now a growing trend for the next generation GUIs. And for a curious fact about touch screens, did you know that this technology already existed from the late 1970’s and 1980’s but only became available for open source modification after the filed patents and royalty claims for this ingenious intellectual property already expired. So it would have been a good advantage if some of our grandparents and parents need not to be too curious and lousy about this sort of “modern stuff”.

See what you print touchscreen conp

This amazing concept for a touch screen printer did an amazing job maximizing the capabilities of digital printing straight from your interactive screen. The design is surely a promise for better utilization of our printers putting the best definition for real-time digital printing.

More interactive photo editing directly to your touch screen printer

An easy to fill and refill ink cartridges with ink status 

Here’s a complete video of how this Artefact Group Touchscreen Printer Concept would look like.


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