A Letter For CebuPacific, PAL, & AirAsiaPH For Yolanda Victims Especially In Tacloban, Leyte

We all have ways to extend effort to help, so far the first thing I did is to send this kind of letter to the big airline companies here in the Philippines. Knowing how family worries whenever their loved ones were hit by calamities and their need to be with them during this times. This is just an proposal in case these corporate companies plan to also extend help to the Super Typhoon Yolanda victims. 
Tacloban Airport after hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda

Dear CebuPacific, PAL, & AirAsiaPH:

I am just one of your regular passengers in your domestic flights and I have no sort of business or professional affiliation to your company. But, as we all know, people grieve and cries for help after the devastation left by the Super Typhoon Yolanda.

Family members and relatives are the ones who long and worry the worst, possibly overwhelmed with dread about the condition of their loved ones. They must be urging themselves to go home at any way or at any cost just to be with them and to hug them with comfort.

Even myself have this strong feeling to volunteer to go there and contribute my presence and physical capabilities to offer help and hope. But the problem is the place is kilometers away and said to be cut off from any conventional transport or communication since the day after the calamity.

Knowing how your company cares about flying families to their loved ones faster with the privilege of low cost air transportation, I would like to knock on your corporate doors to extend your transport capability to help these people reach the currently isolated places. Maybe coordinating with the local authorities to fix immediately or at least set up a make-shift air traffic control tower or whatever you need to successfully fly an airbus to the Tacloban Airport. For this trying times, the fastest bridge from Manila to these places is through air transport whilst our government could not afford to provide as much as we need.

Also, as we remember the time when NCR experienced almost as worse catastrophe, volunteers from neighboring communities easily reached out their hands and efforts given that there’s no transport limitation. Leyte however need these volunteers and helping hands and the only means to connect them is through a safe air travel.

To be bold, I’m also asking if you could provide some of your airbus for free to transport the worrying family members, helping volunteers and the relief package donations that some independent charitable groups collected for these needy victims.

Thank you very much and we do look forward that you consider this bold request.

Sincerely yours,
Jay M. Baratilla
A Pinoy Volunteer

So far, AirAsiaPH already replied to me and promised to forward the request to their management. They showed a very promising interest about the idea. I hope that these companies could do thi or the same effort to uplift the life of the devastated victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda.


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